• Vegetable Spring Rolls.


    Spring rolls - rispy crackly skin and tender crisp vegetables filling

  • Onion Bhaji (4 pcs)


    Sliced onion and spinach in a mildly spiced chickpea batter, served with mint and coriander sauce

  • Mixed Pakoda


    Garden fresh vegetables fried in amildly spiced chickpea batter served with a tamarind sauce and mint sauce

  • Samosa Vegetable


    Two pastry parcels mildly spiced potato and peas, served with tamarind sauce

  • Butta Kebab


    Potato croquets flavoured with fresh corn and white pepper, then deep fried and served with mint and corinader sauce

  • Samosa Chaat


    Tangy chaat served with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, yoghurt, chickpeas and diced onions

  • Veg Platter


    2 onion bhaji, 2 samosa, 2 butta kebabs, 2 mix pakoda

  • Aloo tikki Chaat



  • Tandoori Chicken Tikka

    Half$7.50 Full$13.90

    Pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt, accompanied with green salad and mint chutney

  • Tandoori Prawn


    Succulent tiger prawns marinated in yoghurt and spices, tandor cooked and served with a salad

  • Lamb Chops


    Marinated in a bledn of Indian spices and grilled in tandoor

  • Tandoori Experience


    Chef's selection from tandoor - 2 chicken tikka, 2 andaman island fish, 2 lamb chops

  • Andaman Island Fish

    Half$7.50 Full$13.90

    Light, fresh and flavoursome seasonal fish cooked in traditional spices and lightly fried

  • Seekh kebab

    Half$7.50 Full$15.0

    Spiced minced Lams cooked in tandoori with skewers

  • Chicken Manchurian


    Grated chicken dumplings - wok tossed with five spice, spring onion & capsicum

  • Chicken Wings

    Half$5.90 Full$9.00

    Chicken marinated in yogurt wih a delicios blend of spices and roasted in the tandoor

  • Chicken Salad


    Tandoor cooked chicken with salad and mint dressing


  • Butter Chicken


    Cooked in tandoor, then pan fried in rich, creamy tomato cashew nut sauce

  • Mango Chicken


    Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in mango flavoured sauce

  • Lamb Rogan Josh


    An intense lamb curry flavoured with sun-dried Kashmirir chili and green cardamoms

  • Channa Chicken


    Specialty from South India

  • Bhuna Gosht


    Smokey flavoured Indian tender lamb tosed with ginger, onion, cloves and cumin seeds

  • Goat Curry


    Goat cooked in traditional spices with Indian gravy in traditional style

  • Chicken/Beef/Lamb Korma


    Succulent pieces of Chicken/Beef/Lamb coated in a creamy sauce flavoured with ground cashew nuts

  • Chicken/Beef/Lamb Madras


    Succulent pieces of Chicken/Beef/Lamb coated in our chef's special madras sauce, coconut cream and flavoured with five spice

  • Chicken/Beef/Lamb Vindaloo


    Chunks of juicy chicken/beef/lamb cooked in traditional hot vindaloo sauce

  • Chicken/Beef/Lamb Malabar


    Tender pieces of Chicken/Beef/Lamb cooked in mustard seeds, curry leaves, coconut based gravy

  • Chicken/Beef/Lamb Saag


    Chicken/Beef/Lamb dices in a spinach puree with ginger & garlic


  • Navratan Korma


    Medley of vegetables cooked in almond and light cream sauce

  • Aloo Gobi


    Potato, cauliflower and peas cooked in turmeric and mild spices

  • Vegetable Jalfrezi


    Sauteed mixed vegetables in 5 spices

  • Malai Kofta


    Potato and cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with crushed cashew nuts and cooked in almond sauce

  • Daal Makhni


    A selection of lentils simmered in a slow fire and finished with cream and corinader

  • Chili Paneer


    Indian cottage cheese cooked with sliced onions, cabbage, chill paste and fresh coriander

  • Saag Paneer


    Cottage cheese cooked in a mildly spiced spinach puree

  • Bagara Baingan


    A home style dish of eggplant marinated with tamarind, fennel. curry leaved and mild chili

  • Channa Masala


    Chickpeas cooked in onion masala, tomatoes, pomegranate and cumin seeds

  • Paneer Makhni


    Cottage cheese cubes simmered in buttery, cream tomato bases sauce, flavoured with cashew nuts

  • Soya Chaap Masala


    Vegetarian soy chaap cooked in fresh onion gravy with traditional spices

  • Aloo Mutter Chennai


    Vegetarian delight cooked with green peas in a crewamy sauce

  • Matter Mushroom


    A luxurious dish of mushroom and green peas in a velvet smooth gravy of onions, tomatoes, flavoured with subtle spices


  • Chicken Tikka Masala


    Tender pieces of boneless chicken, marinated in mild spices and yoghurt overnight then grilled in the tandoor.

  • Chicken Jalfrezi


    Chicken cooked in sauteed mixed vegetables with 5 spices.

  • Chicken Achari


    Fresh Chicken cooked with fresh tangy pickle spices.

  • Achar Gosht


    Tender lamb cooked with tangy pickle spices.

  • Chicken Kadai


    Chicken cooked in five spices capsicums and cream.

  • Chilli Chicken Curry


    Boneless chicken cubes cooked in aoy sauce, chilli sauce and pepper with capsicums.

  • Kashmiri Chicken Curry


    Chicken cooked with onion gravy, raisins, coconut and cashew nutss.

  • Lamb Chop Masala


    Tender lamb cooked in tandoor, then wok tossed with fresh tomatoes, spring onions, capsicum and five spices

  • Bombay Beef


    A smokey flavoured North Indian curry of tender beef with a wok cooked tomato and onion masala, fresh coriander, ginger cloves and cumin seeds.


  • Goan Fish Curry


    Seasonal fish cooked in traditional spices, coconut milk, enhanced with curry leaves and paprika.

  • Prawn or Fish Vindaloo

    P $17.90/ F $16.90

    Chunks of juicy prawns or fish cooked in a traditional, hot vindaloo sauce.

  • Prawn Masala

    P $17.90

    Fish or Prawn cooked in a masala of onions and tomato chutney.

  • Butter Prawns


    A rich and creamy curry flavoured with cashew nuts, grinded tomato, onion paste and cooked in butter.

  • Fish Korma


    Fish pieces coated in a creamy sauce flavoured with ground cashew nuts.


  • Rice

    Small $3.00 Large $3.50

  • Saffron Rice


  • Kashmiri Rice


    Kashmiri rice with crushed cashew nuts, sultanas and grated almonds.

  • Vegetable Biryani


    Mixed vegetables infused basmati rice with the refreshing flavours of while spice fresh mint and ginger.

  • Chicken, Lamb or Beef Biryani


    Infused basmati rice with the refreshing flavours of whole spices fresh mint and ginger.


  • Plain or Garlic Naan


    Leavened bread freshly baked in the tandoor with garlic.

  • Cheese Naan


  • Cheese with Garlic Naan


  • Paneer Kulcha Naan


  • Roti with Butter


    Round unleavened whole meal bread baked in tandoor.

  • Chicken Naan


    Leavened bread freshly baked in the tandoor stuffed with chicken and traditional herbs and spices.

  • Cheese Naan with Chilli


    Leavend bread freshly baked in tandoor stuffed mozzarella cheese and chilli.

  • Kashmiri Naan


    Naan stuffed with crushed cashew nuts, sultanas and grated almonds.


  • Soft Drink (Can)


  • Soft Drink (1.25L)


  • Mango Lassi



  • Gulab Jamun


    Milk based dumplings soaked in a saffron & cardamom based sugar syrup.